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Steel File Introduction A steel file is a hand tool used for shaping, smoothing, and removing material from various surfaces. It is an essential tool in metalworking, woodworking, and other trades where precise and controlled material removal is required. Steel files are versatile and widely used for tasks such as filing, deburring, and sharpening, making them indispensable in many industries. Key Features of Steel Files: File Teeth: Steel files have rows of sharp, hardened teeth or ridges along their surfaces. These teeth are cut into the steel file using specialized machinery and processes. The configuration, size, and shape of the teeth vary depending on the type and purpose of the file. File Shape: Steel files come in a variety of shapes and profiles to suit different applications. Common file shapes include flat, round, square, half-round, triangular, and needle files. Each shape is designed for specific tasks, such as flat files for smoothing large surfaces, round files for enlarging holes, and needle files for fine detail work. File Cut: The cut of a steel file refers to the density and spacing of the teeth on the file surface. Files are classified into different cut types, including bastard, second, and smooth cuts. A bastard cut file has coarse teeth for quick material removal, a second cut file has medium teeth for general-purpose work, and a smooth cut file has fine teeth for finishing and smoothing surfaces. File Tang: The tang of a steel file refers to the portion of the file that extends into the handle. It provides a connection between the file and the handle, ensuring stability and control during use. The tang can be rectangular, round, or tapered, depending on the file design. File Handle: Steel files often come with handles for a comfortable and secure grip. File handles can be made of wood, plastic, or rubber, providing a non-slip grip and reducing hand fatigue during extended use. Some files have removable handles, allowing for easy replacement if the handle becomes worn or damaged.